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Group wiki of the Graphene lab and Quantum Foundations lab of the group of Philip Walther.

This wiki contains information useful to our lab and research and all of it is only accessible with a user account. It should serve as a common knowledge base regarding our laser systems, setups, electronics and other stuff built in the lab.

User interface and navigation around DokuWiki should be easy and no learning curve is needed. For more information please check Wiki section (left on the sidebar).

EDITS AND WRITING NEW CONTENT (This is the only thing/rule to remember):

  • If you would like to add a new content, information or contribution with some part use the EDIT button on the right side of the page or click the button on the right sidebar menu that looks like a pencil Pencil..
  • If you would like to edit a content, specifically a table, please use the EDIT button on the left side (below table), this will give you Excel interface of editing a table. This is intended to add a new item that you bought from the lab or if you took an item (e.g. a filter, optics or electronic element that are not abundant in the lab) and you just make a note it is with you.

Sections of the wiki

Equipment Equipment belonging to the group
Lab Information about the Optics lab
Sample Inventory & Production Information on the samples and their production
UniWien Information how to navigate at UniWien
Members Members (present and past) of the laboratory
Collaborators Shipping addresses, contact information
Future Equipment to buy, experiments to conduct, Setups to build
Results Samples, measurements and published research
Wiki Templates, explanations, …
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